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The Case against a Deal with Iran


"There are many reasons why President Barack Obama wants this deal. One of them being his conviction is Iran could play a positive role in the world and that it leads to a more stable Middle East. 
 I think that not only the Deal but equally the ongoing talks with the Regime themselves did anything but to 'stabilize' the Middle East. The ongoing Lebanonization of Iraq and Syria, where Iran-led Shia Militias reign supreme, is a perfect example of how strengthening the Iranian Regime does not advance peace but instead furthers the rapid destabilization and militarization of the Middle East. Furthermore, negotiating with Iran gives a formal legitimacy to a regime, which it does not hold it in the eyes of its population. Not only the Social Protests in 2009 but also the Popular Movement in the Kurdish Cities of Iran show that the majority of Iran’s population wants not only wants social improvements but at least some basic political freedom.
If we really want a peaceful and pluralistic Iran,
we should talk to the people who fled its oppressive system
which glorifies martyrdom and death while despising freedom and life."

 Mana Neyestani, exile-Iranian cartoonist
illustrating the latest appeasement against the Iranian Regime
and the betrayal of the Iranian Freedom Movement

The Case against a Deal with Iran
Why Iran is not a trustworthy partner
I      Prelude
II     Iran is not a trustworthy partner
III    Conclusion